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At a time when the pandemic prevented the brand from being promoted with events on the ground, Kanzi® engaged Italian consumers with a social engagement campaign by calling wellness-conscious music fans to action.

Through a minigame that mimics the stage of a virtual concert starring the Kanzi® apple, users can recharge themselves with positive energy and take a charitable action for the entertainment industry. Kanzi® will turn the energy released in the minigame into money through a fundraiser to benefit Scena Unita.

With the payoff #RechargeWithKanzi, the experience continues on the brand's Instagram channel with a special filter with which to take a snapshot to share.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo/Life Circus

Kanzi - Consorzio VOG

Kanzi x Scena Unita

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Bringing an on-field brand awareness activity to the digital world and let the consumers feel part of a community


Minigame to recharge energy, in line with the global campaign concept "Stay charged with Kanzi®". Users can turn free action into donation

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