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Brand Awareness | Connected Packaging | Social Sharing


Web AR




Using the new Mr. Day muffin packaging as a starting point, we created a connected packaging experience by animating the image of the mouth to emphasize the mouthwatering nature of the new Mr. Day muffin recipe.

Changing the perspective from the packaging to the user, Mr. Day makes the consumer the hero and gives him/her a voice with an animated mouth that speaks generational slang, specially selected by NABA students.

Each type of muffin in the Mr. Day line corresponds to a different filter, which can also be activated on Instagram. In this way, the brand was able to engage consumers in an integrated and consistent path across all channels and support the campaign through creators.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo

Mr. Day - Vicenzi

La Pausa Che Non Lagga

Scopri le altre campagne


Reposition the product for Generation Z by engaging an audience of gamers in an immersive brand awareness and social sharing experience


Starting from the point of view of the target audience, speaking to Generation Z with its language and integrating the campaign on social channels

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