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The Noveis universe evokes a playful and convivial atmosphere, a return to the more truthful and sincere language of the Italian revival of the 1960s.

To capitalize on this unique heritage in a modern key, the experience opens up a 360-degree navigable augmented reality environment inspired by those iconic years. Through stories, flavors, and objects -flipper included-, the user relives that legendary and genuine world that Noveis has kept unchanged over time.

Starting with any of the four available labels, consumers can explore the entire product range on an ever-changing journey.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo

Noveis - Fratelli Francoli Distillerie

Noveis Line Launch

Scopri le altre campagne


Provide the sales force with a tool to share information and values of new products in the Noveis line with HoReCa customers


Taking the consumer to the 1960s through a virtual environment to tell the story of the world of Noveis

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