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Web AR


Postcard inside the packaging


Aperol's box contains all the ingredients to create the perfect aperitif right away. And what better way to showcase the recipe than with AR, entering the brand's world simply by framing the label?

By framing the bottle, the label comes to life to show the steps in the recipe for the perfect Aperol Spritz. The experience exploits the moment of maximum consumer interest, that is, when they are in front of the product, to engage them in the lifestyle of the iconic aperitif.

Integrating multimedia content on a physical medium also makes it possible to maintain the same rhythm and language of rotating transitions as in the brand's other digital campaigns.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo/FM Photographers

Aperol - The Campari Group

Aperol Spritz Experience Kit

Scopri le altre campagne


Telling the perfect serve of Aperol Spritz while maintaining the continuity of the brand language


Animate the bottle label to open a new world and show the steps of the iconic aperitif recipe

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