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The #BabboNataleSeiTu message of the Coca Cola campaign is amplified by the augmented reality experience. Consumers are called to action by a testimonial who appears in the framed environment and guides them to express their support for a charitable cause that Coca Cola will fund. 

Votes are tallied with a single collector across all digital platforms-website, social channels, and AR experience-and returned to users in real time thus reinforcing a sense of participation in the brand's choices.

Consumers are the heroes throughout the experience and can transform themselves into Santa Claus by spreading a snapshot with a themed filter on their social networks and becoming ambassadors of Coca Cola's message of sharing.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo/The Big Now


Babbo Natale Sei Tu

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Spread and support the #BabboNataleSeiTu Christmas campaign with digital and social content


Shorten the distance by bringing campaign testimonials into the consumer environment and turning users into Santas for social sharing

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