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The tale of the Lariosauro legend that inhabits the depths of Lake Como starts from the original packaging of the bitter, which comes alive by making the lake monster appear swimming in the user's environment.

The navigation continues to display the product's characteristics through a 3D reproduction of the bottle that can be rotated 360°.

Since it is linked to the packaging, the AR campaign combines the physical and digital worlds, accompanying and enriching the real experience of those who are tasting the bitter. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of sharing snaps with the Lariosauro, it fills the gap between offline and online communication, bringing the product to social channels as well.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo

Lariosauro - Timoncello srl

Amaro del Lariosauro ®

Scopri le altre campagne


Launching the product with an innovative and omnichannel approach by exploiting the potential of augmented reality


Provide space for immersive storytelling and increase reach with unique UGC to be shared on social channels

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