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Web AR




The Augmented Reality journey starts from the cocoa bar, an ideal touchpoint to intercept the consumer's peak moment of attention and lead them to Cocoa Stories told from the voices of the farmers themselves who are dedicated to growing cocoa every day.

To increase engagement, the planting is moved to the user's environment: the cocoa plant grows and from its roots another journey unfolds, the one that takes the cocoa from Peru to Italy to be processed into chocolate.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo

Vanini - Icam

Linea Bagua

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Engage consumers on product traceability and the Icam "From bean to bar" philosophy”


An immersive portal that takes consumers to meet cocoa farmers and discover cocoa growing locations

Ti interessa creare un'esperienza simile per il tuo brand? Contattaci!

Raccontaci davanti a un caffè della campagna che vorresti creare. Costruiremo insieme la soluzione AR, VR, Mixed o Metaverso, fatta su misura per le tue esigenze, piccole o grandi che siano.

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