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Minipack Damiano Organic


For Damiano Organic, connected packaging is the ideal solution to convey the brand's information and value messages to an increasing number of consumers. 

Starting with dried fruit minipacks, consumers learn to develop a healthy habit, where dried fruit is part of all their days, in the right doses. And what better way to educate a habit than by having fun? Through a mini-game, with each level passed, the user learns important information about dried fruit in a fluid, dynamic and interactive way.

In addition, to build consumer loyalty, at the end of the game a discount code is provided for immediate use on the brand's 

e-commerce. This increases the traffic on the Damiano Organic website and provides the opportunity for cross-selling.

Creativity: Viewtoo

Damiano Organic

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Increasing consumer loyalty for Damiano Organic products by focusing on the importance of good eating habits


Activate from the minipack an augmented reality mini-game, where at each level the user discovers important information about dried fruit, and earns points to obtain an immediately redeemable discount code

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