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AR App Embed


Media campaign, OoH, PoP material, in app banner


With the Augmented Reality SDK integrated in the app, users can trigger the experience within a single, frictionless environment, thus increasing downloads of the app.

From any of the touchpoints provided, the consumer is invited to engage in an immersive quiz and, thanks to face tracking, sees the answers displayed on their face, thus amplifying the personalization of the user journey.

The answers to the quiz are processed in real time and Mediaworld recommends the most suitable product based on the choices made. The user can then proceed with the purchase without ever leaving the app.

The campaign is declined for different product categories with physical and digital touchpoints. From each of these, all experiences can be accessed and collected in a single Augmented Reality showcase.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo/Armando Testa


Fatto Apposta Per Me

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Enhance awareness of the new brand positioning and increase Mediaworld app downloads, engaging consumers and driving them to purchase


Engaging consumers in a personalized shopping experience with a quiz game that brings out the product best suited to the user's tastes

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