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Consumers are part of Dulcis in Agro's immersive storytelling from the start, when they access the experience at the point of sale thanks to the call to action on the bottle neck tag.

The multilingual feature enables content in multiple languages without changing the touchpoint for the different countries where Dulcis in Agro is distributed.

The user is surrounded by an environment in which the brand's values are visually presented through its ingredients creating a connection with its authenticity. At the heart of the experience is the minigame The Carousel of Taste, a metaphor for having fun and discovering the versatility of the product and the joy of experimenting in the kitchen.

By interacting with the carousel, each time dedicated to a different ingredient, the user plays and discovers new flavour combinations to try in recipes featuring Dulcis in Agro. Just like in the kitchen, the interactive gameplay allows for personal and unique experiences that reflect each user's taste preferences.

The Dulcis in Agro AR campaign demonstrates that storytelling isn't limited to words, but can be tasted, touched and experienced. By combining creativity, interactivity and taste, vinegar is transformed into a delightful sensory adventure.

Creativity: Viewtoo

Acetaia Giuseppe Cremonini

Dulcis in Agro, The Carousel of Taste

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Presenting an interactive experience for Dulcis in Agro: a new line of Italian vinegar ready to be used in all kind of recipes


Engaging food lovers with an immersive experience mixing the playful elements and the discover of new flavours to be tested

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