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The augmented reality experience is the first phygital catalogue in the pharmaceutical industry. It brings together all of Angelini Pharma's pharmacy displays in a single solution, with a multi-channel approach that makes it possible to simultaneously respond to the needs of the sales force and the retailer. 

By activating the experience from the dedicated website for chemists or from the agents app, the 2D images of the catalogue come to life and are transformed into 3D objects that can be viewed in 360°, and easily positioned in the environment to verify the final effect at the point of sale. 

Thanks to the possibility of taking a picture of the display and emailing it to the chemist, the experience also facilitates the relationship in the post-visit phases or for post-sales follow-up.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo

Angelini Pharma

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Renovating Angelini Pharma's digital channels with innovative content to support the sales force and pharmacies


Enriching the agent app and pharmacist portal with an advanced augmented reality tool to visualise displays at the point of sale

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