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Infotainment I Engagement


Web AR


Premium Coaster, distributed in bars and clubs


Augmented reality brings Braulio's new creative concept to life, engaging consumers as they interact with the product. The tasting was thus enhanced by immersive storytelling in the history and essences of Stelvio bitters.

By framing the branded coaster received at the bar, consumers access a unique experience and discover a 3D glimpse of the product's history and ingredients. This way, Braulio can reach its consumers while maintaining the direction of the narrative and leading them to further expand awareness on the Instagram channel.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo/FM Photographers

Braulio - The Campari Group

AR Coaster

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Redefining the positioning of Braulio amaro in bars and clubs by enhancing history and tradition


Animating the brand kit in augmented reality to tell the story of Braulio bitter with a new language

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