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Infotainment I Brand Awareness


Web AR


Social Channels, Web Banner, Pack


The whole world of Comprital is just a smartphone click away in a 360° virtual tour.

Master ice cream makers and pastry chefs can easily access product information from the company's digital channels or by framing the QR code on the purchased pack to discover all the lines - from frostings, to the vegan range, to lactose free, chocolate, pastries and much more. 

Comprital's expertise and prestige are underlined by the presence of the lines' testimonials who guide the user through the recipes, how to use them, flavour cards and suggestions from ice cream professionals.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo


AR Showcase

Scopri le altre campagne


Making the richness of the Comprital range known, capitalising on expertise and building customer loyalty from different sales channels


Creating a container experience that can be activated from Comprital's proprietary channels with all product lines presented by the voice of master pastry chefs

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