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App Mixed Reality


Zapbox, MR headset


Comprital's stand at SIGEP 2024 presented itself in a unique way, with an immersive Mixed Reality experience that guided visitors to discover the ingredients in three different 3D worlds.

Wearing the Zapbox visor for Mixed Reality, users entered the environments featuring Comprital's product lines - Speedy Classic, Vegan, Glasse - browsing through the ingredients thanks to head movements. By visiting all three worlds in succession, users could collect from a special casket the different parts of the Comprital logo and reassemble it to unlock a digital reward - a User Generated Content with the brand mascot to be shared on social networks.

The digital stand experience was also enriched with augmented reality content to browse through Alphabetum, Comprital's encyclopaedia of flavours, on a touchscreen, and for visitors to test their own taste proposal by mixing ingredients and sending their choice to Comprital.

Creativity: Viewtoo

Comprital - SIGEP


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Welcoming visitors to Comprital's stand during SIGEP, an international trade fair, offering them product info with a digital and exciting customer experience


Create a fully digital stand for an immersive Mixed Reality journey through Comprital ingredients and products

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