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Icam Professional chooses to tell the story of what makes its chocolate unique and refined through an augmented reality journey that takes consumers to the origins of cocoa. 

This interactive experience allows them to explore every stage of the supply chain and discover the meticulous care that goes into ensuring its quality. Consumers also have the opportunity to visit plantations in Central America, South America, and Africa, and learn about the specifics of each type of cocoa. 

By collecting stamps from these plantations on a virtual passport, they can unlock access to a special collection on the Spotify platform, that allow them to immerse themselves in the notes of chocolate in an engaging experience for all the senses.

Creativity: Viewtoo

Icam Professional

Cocoa Origin

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Supporting the activity of Horeca by making their customers aware of the value of choosing a quality cocoa


To take consumers on an emotional journey into the world of chocolate that enhances and amplifies the tasting experience, creating new connections

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