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Infotainment I Brand Positioning


Web AR




The physical brochure dematerialises and becomes sustainable: content is infinite and can be updated at any time to follow brand's strategies without additional printing costs and reducing the environmental impact. 

The Limitless Brochure is also an innovative communication tool for the prospect customer, who can finally experience driving a KIA EV6 GT, not just imagine it. The experience is an interactive and immersive journey inside the car with the ability to choose colors, discover features and place the car in your own garage. 

Using Augmented Reality, KIA customers can virtually touch the car and view it in 360 degrees for an enhanced and personalized shopping experience. 

Creative Idea: Viewtoo/Innocean Italy


The Limitless Brochure

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Increasing the brand awareness as innovative and technologically advanced by renewing the booklet and transforming it from a static and one-way support into a dynamic communication tool


Introducing Augmented Reality technology and 3D visualization to provide KIA’s customers with an interactive and infinitely upgradeable experience

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