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The redefinition of La Preferita's distinctive characters related to research, quality and uniqueness led to the identification of a prestigious image as the symbol of the brand's new narrative: Amore e Psiche by Canova becomes the representation of the dualism that binds those who select the product and those who use it to create a work of art of taste and texture. 

The ideal media to tell the new concept is Augmented Reality; the AR experience opens the doors of a real museum where artworks represent the synthesis of "ingredients that create masterpieces," the new payoff of the rebranding of La Preferita. Each room of the museum is a product focus where key messages are declined in the ingredients, sensory profile and recipes.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo

La Preferita - Comprital

La Preferita

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Strategically define a new brand narrative and communicate the rebranding


Focus the rebranding on a strong and imaginative key visual that comes alive in Augmented Reality and makes explicit the link between those who select the product and those who use it

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