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Nubiana, Rizzoli Publisher


The study of archival documents and archaeological heritage made it possible to identify those contents that due to their specific complexity needed data visualization to be understood in an immediate way. 

The 7 mega infographics created with freehand drawing tell the story of the grandeur of the rescue operation and the history and details of the Nubian temple of Abu Simbel.

Readers can further delve into the topics through 33 Augmented Reality content: from animated infographics to multimedia content, photo galleries, interviews with , and immersive 360° of the temple.

Augmented Reality content also enriched the badge distributed to guests at the presentation event. A simple and immediate way to entertain the audience and stimulate their curiosity.

Creative Idea: Viewtoo

Nubiana - We Build


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Enrich with infographic and multimedia content the commemorative volume dedicated by Webuild- to the rescue of the Abu Simbel temple


Use the immersiveness of augmented reality to go beyond the surface of the page and animate the content

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Raccontaci davanti a un caffè della campagna che vorresti creare. Costruiremo insieme la soluzione AR, VR, Mixed o Metaverso, fatta su misura per le tue esigenze, piccole o grandi che siano.

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